Media Professionals

Looking for a great story or interview for TV, radio, newspapers, magazines or even blogs? If you're a media professional, I would honored to help make your job easier by providing you with some content ideas, or a fresh and unique perspective on the topics you cover.

As a successful woman entrepreneur, I am a frequent guest expert on television, radio and new media on the subjects of entrepreneurship, women’s causes and empowerment, finding your unique voice, success and leadership.

Unlike many coaches, I actually built my own multi-million dollar business before I ever coached anyone else. With over 30 years of experience. I offer a unique and powerful perspective on what it takes to create and grow a business.

Here are some topics that may help your audience that I can speak about passionately and with great presence:

  • Taking your idea and turning it into a real business
  • Creating and sustaining a positive mindset
  • Unique challenges and solutions for women business owners & entrepreneurs
  • Building relationships in business
  • Generating the confidence you need to succeed to the million dollar level

I'm Arlene Krantz and I've been a featured expert in a variety of media - broadcast television, internet radio, books and other print media.

I'm a speaker, author, mentor and business coach who left a successful career in retail to singlehandedly grow my first business from zero to over seven figures. Now, with over 30 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, my current passion and mission is helping my clients create and grow businesses of their own so they can make the money and enjoy the independent lifestyle they desire and deserve.

My keen vision and no-nonsense style helps my clients gain the clarity they need and overcome the obstacles and limiting beliefs that stop them from achieving their goals. I've been described as irreverent and dynamic; I'm a coach who does whatever it takes in providing creative and practical solutions to guide and support my clients on their journey to fulfill their dreams and live a life of abundance.

Based in Los Angeles, I work with a wide variety of businesses and entrepreneurs. I'm extremely active with women's causes and I'm fortunate to interact with a wide variety of celebrities, leaders and community organizations on a daily basis.

I'm a member of the International Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals; Female Entrepreneur Association; eWomen Network; Women in Media and Technology; Women in Business; West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce; The Meaning Institute; Women's Intuitive Network; and the Female Speakers Association.

If you are interested in educating & inspiring your audiences on how to create a business and a life they love and desire; how women can find their unique voice and true calling in life; and how to incorporate a powerful system for achievement into their lives, I’d love to talk about how we can work together to create a unique experience for your audiences.

You can reach me at or (424) 253-5567. Media moves at lightning speed. I will get back to you very quickly.