“Reading 'The Business Within You' is like sitting with an old trusted friend - one who knows how to allay your fears and inspire you onward.”

Michelle Patterson
 President, Global Women Foundation & California Women's Conference

"For too many years, I've seen how fear and lack of knowledge squash people's dreams. I wrote this book so you can move beyond fantasy and make your dream of creating a business a reality. I created my own multi-million dollar business and you can too."

- Arlene Krantz
Speaker, Leadership Coach & Consultant
Author of "The Business Within You"

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What Others Are Saying About Arlene & "The Business Within You"

“Arlene has written a smart, concise and entertaining book that is easy to use. You laugh and cry as you breakthrough your own “stuff ” to accomplish your goals and dreams.“

— Abbe Land, Executive Director & CEO of The Trevor Project; West Hollywood Council member and Former Mayor

"When it comes to turning people’s lives around, helping people reinvent themselves, I can’t think of anyone more passionate than Arlene. It comes through in every page. This book is highly recommended."

— Jill Lublin, International Speaker and Best Selling Author of Gorilla Publicity

“Kudos to Arlene for writing a book that offers wannabe entrepreneurs simple and succinct advice. She encourages you to achieve your dream with easy-to-read, practical pointers. If there’s a business inside of you, believe in yourself and begin your journey by following Arlene’s 50 insightful tips for success.”

— Debra Jason, The Write Direction

Arlene is a Contributing Author to "Women Entrepreneur Extraordinaire"

“If you are serious about living your dream of having a successful business, then read and use the strategies in this brilliant book by my friend Arlene Krantz!.”

— James Malinchak, Featured on ABC's Hit TV Show, "Secret Millionaire" & Founder of BigMoneySpeaker.com

“There are a lot of people who will offer to teach you how to be successful, but not so many who have actually achieved the things they teach. Arlene has done it, and in this book she explains some of the key lessons she learned along the way.”

— Craig Duswalt, Speaker, Author, Radio Host & Creator of the Rock Star System For Success, CraigDuswalt.com

“The best person to teach you how to become successful is a person who has actually done it themselves. Arlene Krantz is such a person and in this book she tells you exactly what it takes to reach your lofty goals. The insights in Chapter 3 alone are worth many times the modest price of this book.”

— Ray Edwards, World Renowned Communications Strategist & marketing Consultant

“I really enjoy people who can cut through the noise and clutter, providing me with actual time-tested strategies that work for any kind of business. Arlene Krantz has been-there and done-that. Her real- life experiences with multiple successful businesses has earned her the right to share and speak as the voice of experience. The Business within You will help you achieve the mindset, motivation and blueprint for taking your business to the next level!”

— Joel Comm, New York Times Bestselling Author of "Twitter Power 2.0" & "The AdSense Code"

Arlene is a Contributing Author to
"So, What Do You Do?"

“'The Business Within You' succinctly shows you how important your message is and how to share it with the world. By the end of this quick but potent read, you’ll feel like Arlene is an old friend. If you don’t walk away from this book feeling inspired, you’re either helpless or hopeless. I loved this book!””

— Dr. Danny Brassell, Founder of “TheLazyReaders’BookClub” and “America’s Leading Reading Ambassador”

“For Anyone thinking about starting their own business, this book is a must read. Arlene has a wealth of experience about how to build a successful business. The Book is easy to read, informative, gives great advise about all topic’s which range from “where to set up your office,” to how to best set up your business. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be successful.”

— Lenie Gramovot, Senior Vice President - Director of Broadcast Business Affairs, Arnold Worldwide Advertising Agency

“'The Business Within You' is a cut to the chase, to the point book. It’s full of lots of fantastic tips and ideas for new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. The ability to flit from chapter to chapter is what makes the book so useful. I highly recommend it. This book can save you a ton of time.”

— Terri Hardin - Walt Disney Company Artist and Performer

“This book is loaded with practical ideas that will save you a ton of time and money in starting building your own business.”

— BrianTracy, Author, Speaker & Consultant